At Tidewater Heart Institute, we provide you and your patients complete, expert cardiovascular care. You receive the skills and knowledge of board certified cardiologists as well as the most advanced technology, equipment, and research available to the medical field of cardiology.

Our dedicated team of cardiologists, nurses and technicians are committed to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular disease. This commitment to provide complete cardiovascular health care explains why Tidewater Heart Institute is recognized as one of the leading cardiovascular centers in Eastern Virginia. See where Tidewater Heart Institute is located.

Tidewater Heart Institute provides clinic and diagnostic services. We have hospital privileges at several local hospitals and perform various procedures there. Learn more about the diagnostic services Tidewater Heart Insitute provides.

Cardiovascular, or heart, disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. At Tidewater Heart Institute our clinicians work with patients to construct a care plan that will benefit them the most. This may include patients making changes in their diet and exercise, quitting smoking and/or taking medications. Common goals are lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. To learn more about cardiovascular disease and treatments, visit our patient portal, which provides patient education materials. For a list of other organizations offering information about cardiovascular disease visit our links page.

Tidewater Heart Institute uses advanced diagnostic services, including electrocardiograms, stress tests, nuclear scanning and coronary, to determine the most appropriate treatment for our patients.

Studies among people with heart disease have shown that lowering high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure can reduce the risk of dying of heart disease, having a nonfatal heart attack, and needing heart bypass surgery or angioplasty.

"Our mission is to serve the health care needs of our community by providing comprehensive personalized care to each patient by maintaining a well-trained, professional and caring staff. We strive to provide advanced diagnostic procedures and modern technology, within our available resources."